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2016 Gala Award Nomination Form and Criteria

2016 PIBA Nomination Form

Please take the time to Nominate Fellow Central Florida Business Partners for our Annual Gala and Award Dinner.


Nomination Criteria

General Qualifications for the below Nomination Form to be accepted:

  • Nomination must come from an MBA member who is currently in good standing at the time of submitting the Nomination Form
  • Nomination Form must be submitted in full and without deficiencies by the date and time announced by the MBA Pride Gala Committee (once a cutoff date has been selected, this will be updated).

General Qualifications for ALL Categories:

  • Visibly support the LGBT community by providing contributions and/or in-kind services to non-profit organizations, political issues, or community-wide causes
  • Reside and work in the six-county metro Orlando area
  • Exemplify the highest standards in his/her/its profession
  • Demonstrate excellence and success in his/her/its business or profession
  • Promote diversity, equality, and inclusivity in his/her/its workplace or in a professional capacity.

Qualifications specific to Award Categories:

  • Businessman and Businesswoman of the Year:
    • No less than five years in the workforce or the same as a business owner
  • Small Business of the Year: 
    • Business must have been formed at least three years prior to the date of the gala.
  • New Business of the Year: 
    • Business must have been formed at least one year prior to the date of the gala AND
    • Business must have not been formed more than three years from the date of the gala.
  • Corporate Ally of the year:
    • Business must have been incorporated at least three years prior to the date of the gala AND
    • Business must employ over fifty employees within the six-county metro Orlando area
  • Non-Profit Organization of the year:
    • The Non-Profit must have previously filed for the IRS designation under what is commonly referred to as 501c3 AND
    • The Non-Profit must have been previously approved by the IRS as a 501c3 prior to this nomination (because approval is not guaranteed, the Non-Profit may not be in ‘pending’ status at the time of the nomination.

If you are unsure if the person and/or business and/or Non-Profit meets the above criteria, we kindly request you to inquire the person, business, or Non-Profit.  If the person or business is required or has elected to register with the Florida Department of Corporations, you may find a helpful resource in looking at

Most importantly, thank YOU for being such a strong member of both the MBA family and the greater metro Orlando community.  With taking the time to fill out a nomination form, you add value for which we are grateful.  If you have any questions about this form, please email

Please Nominate below:








*not applicable for Non-Profit Organization Nominations



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