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The Ambassadors are front line member representatives of the MBA. The Ambassadors Program has four main objectives:

  1. Social Interaction – Ambassadors will meet and greet current, new and prospective members at the Metropolitan Business Association of Orlando (MBA) related networking and social functions.
  2. Service Role – Ambassadors serve as the eyes and ears of the MBA. Ambassadors shall regularly contact (either visit or call) existing MBA members at their place of business. The purpose of the visit (or phone call) is to provide personal interaction, feedback and suggestions to the MBA Board and give the members active involvement.
  3. Educational Roles – Ambassadors will be familiar with the MBA mission statement,available programs and activities and staff and Board members in order to provide member to member and member to prospective member education and information.
  4. Recruitment and Recognition – Ambassadors will assist the MBA in achieving membership goals. In addition to recruitment, ambassadors will assist in the recognition of individuals and companies that have a positive influence in our community.


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Rich Crabtree- Committee Chair

Rich Crabtree Healthy Living

MBA Ambassador

Joining the MBA in 2012, Rich is a straight ally who has actively participated in the MBA with his wife Toni Crabtree, the two of whom comprise Crabtree Healthy Living, a proud MBA member and RED Development member.

Rich has over 20 years of Naval experience, retired as a LCDR (Lieutenant Commander), working with naval nuclear power. While believing he was headed to a quiet Florida retirement, Rich’s wife Toni discovered the power of nutrition in her own life and ignited a passion in them both that they bring to their small business, which began thriving seven years ago.

For the past two years, Rich has been actively involved in all aspects of MBA and thrives on helping other MBA members take full advantage of this incredible organization. Rich may reach out to you, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact him on his cell phone at (407) 924-9228 or via email at