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Corporate Development Update – NGLCC Las Vegas

Corporate Development Update – NGLCC Las Vegas

By Callum Shepherd

The 2014 National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Conference landed in everyone’s favorite city, Las Vegas. LGBT Chambers from many corners of the globe traveled to Sin City to attend what was the largest conference to date. As a first time attendee, I was overwhelmed by the diversity of programs and the support of the community that the Conference attracted. Everyone in attendance united for one mission: to connect a spectrum of diverse communities through business. The conference likened a family reunion. Representatives of numerous chambers seeing each other again, for the summit of the year, and first time attendees being welcomed by seasoned veterans and adopting mentors organically.
The Corporate Marketing Expo was a sight to behold. Over 100 Corporate companies represented and promoted their LGBT initiatives and programs. Companies such as American Airlines, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive and many more sent their supplier and diversity teams to show support and educate the attendees at the conference. Support for diversity from Fortune 500 companies like these is vital in our mission and cause to rally for workplace equality and inclusion. Seeing these companies shower support for my cause as an LGBT business member, makes me want to ensure I fly with American, eat my Nature Valley bars, drink a Coke, and brush with Colgate. It is important to support the companies that support EVERYONE. These companies are paving the way for LGBT employees to find their way through business, free of the closet. Instead of leaving Vegas bankrupt, I left Vegas with a wealth of knowledge, and a warm feeling of belonging. Next year the conference will be hosted in Ft Lauderdale and it will be your turn to take action. Tap into this collection of resources and you may find yourself with a clearer path to success!


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