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Michael Von Berg | Director-At-Large

VonBergMichael Von Berg is currently a Director-At-Large for MBA Orlando and a Financial Advisor at Waddell & Reed. As a twenty year military veteran, with a Masters in Business Administration, and five years experience as an ambassador of a Five Stare Chamber, Michaels seeks to share his cultural background, his knowledge of business communications, and knowledge of a organizational development and strategic planning. Michael believes that “educating the non-LGBT community to see beyond traditional dogma,” is one of the greatest opportunities for growth for Central Florida’s LGBT business community.

As a financial advisor, Michael’s mission is to assist clients in developing a comprehensive personalized financial plan that effectively weighs short-term needs a long-term objectives. Put another way, Michael helps to take the guesswork out of investing by helping to manage financial risks.

Michael believes that financial planning is a life-long personal process that you create and adapt based on your needs, your values, and your unique situation. It is through such a process that you can work toward achieving your most important aspirations.


As a Financial Advisor, he can help you:

  • Analyze your existing cash flow and your financial position
  • Funding specific goals such as educating children, travel, home remodel, or some other purpose
  • Identify appropriate investment strategies
  • Plan for both retirement plan accumulation and distribution phases of your life
  • Estate planning to help ensure your wealth is passed efficiently and cost effectively to the people or organization you wish, at the time and in the manner you want.

Michael’s past experience includes twenty years of service in the United States Air Force where he retired as a Master Sergeant and Superintendent of an analysis department. Michael is a graduate of National American University, in Rapid City, South Dakota where he majored in Information Technology and Applied Management. Michael also went on to complete his Master of Business Administration degree.

Michael Von Berg has worked in the financial services profession since 2005. His unique approach centers largely on client education and interaction. This approach allows clients to be part of the team rather than bystanders. Michael utilizes his experiences to develop strategies to focus on protecting assets from market volatility, customizing portfolios to match the individual goals and constraints, and assisting clients with life’s many unknown as they arise.

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