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Central Florida’s Leading Business Networking Group

There are two RED Groups:

Central and Downtown


RED is a category-exclusive referral group.  That means you will not have competitors in your RED group, and you can receive qualified referrals for your business from group members.
It works like all networking: people need to get to know you and you earn their trust over time. Once trust is established, you and fellow RED members help each other by finding the connections that grow your respective businesses.
In RED groups this process is accelerated and facilitated by the meeting’s agenda. Members are teaching each other how to work as a sales team for one another through a well-organized process during the meetings, but also in one-on-one meetings (RED nickname for these is “rendezvous” or “vue”) with individual members.
The idea is NOT to sell to group members–just to clarify for them what a good referral means to you, so they know how to sell FOR you.
Our guests often say we’re the most fun networking group they ever visited. We believe that! We are a family. We look forward to the RED meetings, we volunteer together at community events, and we socialize at MBA events.  Eventually we know each other very well. This helps generate the amazing results for RED members: in 2014, one group alone generated 1.5 million Dollars in sales!



How many times may I attend as a guest?

Twice, per RED group.  At that point you must submit an application for membership to return.

May I distribute marketing materials at the RED meeting as a guest?

It depends.  If there is currently not a competitor in the group, then yes!  If there is a competitor already in the group (which means you would not be able to join that specific group) then you will only be able to introduce yourself by name and your business name.  We allow this for the sole opportunity for everyone to be able to check out a RED meeting.

What does RED stand for?

Referral Exchange Development

What is category-exclusive?

In each group, there is no other member competing for the same kind of business, so all the members of your group become your personal sales team.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

Attendance is required, but members can send a substitute to RED meetings without penalty.

What does it cost?

The yearly fee is $180 and is due January 1st.

Do I have to be an MBA member to join RED?

Yes, only MBA members are eligible for RED membership.

So if I just show up and pay, I’m in, right?

Not so fast. In each group, the Leadership Committee decides about new group members, to make sure there are no category conflicts. To join the group as a guest, please contact the guest coordinator.

I can’t be there at the beginning of the meeting, so I’ll just drop in later, OK?

Not ok. RED Group meetings are not networking mixers, and the group can only function if everybody attends on time.

Where and when do the groups meet?

RED Central meets the 2. and 4. Tuesday of each month, 11:30am-1pm.

The Center, 946 N Mills Av, Orlando, 32803

RED Downtown meets the 2. and 4. Wednesday of each month, 11:30am-1pm.

PNC Bank, 201 E Pine St, Orlando, 32801

I’m not an MBA member yet; may I still attend a RED meeting as a guest?

Yes! You will need to become an MBA member before applying for RED membership if you choose to apply.

When should I arrive to the meeting?

Guests should arrive 15 minutes before the meeting and speak to someone in Leadership so you can be formally introduced to the group.

I need some more information or I want to talk to someone about this.  Who directs the RED groups?

RED Group Director Lisa Brown,


When is RED Group

RED Central meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 11:30 a.m.

RED Downtown meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 11:30 a.m.



Who is RED Group

RED Group is comprised of MBA members committed to growth of their business through rapid expansion of networking channels and the development of their own business model.


What is RED Group?

The Referral Exchange Development Group (RED Group) is the cornerstone of the Small Business Development section of the Metropolitan Business Association of Orlando (MBA Orlando).  RED Group is designed to help local MBA businesses incubate, grow and unleash millions of local revenue upon our community. RED Group achieves this goal through category exclusive networking meetings wherein members learn how Thinking RED will have your business seeing GREEN!™ 

How does it work?

Category exclusivity is the key to RED Group’s success. Each business category may be represented by only one member per RED Group chapter, thereby locking direct competition out. In an organization like MBA Orlando, there can be a number of companies in any given profession; having this exclusivity can be a distinct advantage in acquiring more business. RED Group members get to know and understand one another’s business. They can then pass referrals to their fellow members for opportunities to close business. These referrals are more than leads because the member giving the referral helps to set up the transaction for his or her fellow RED member. These referrals and the money they earn are tracked by the Leadership Committee and reported to the group members.

Why Join RED Group

If you are interested in growing your business, adding new clients and  increasing sales, then RED Group is for you. Cold calling usually leads to a success ratio in the range of 0.5% to 3%. Because our members pass highly qualified referrals to one another, RED Group members experience a much more successful closing ratio. This high closing ratio means that our members don’t waste their time chasing dead-end leads and can focus their energy on referrals that will help their business grow. Optimize your time. Increase your efficiency. Develop strong working relationships with other LGBT & Allied business professionals. Join RED Group today and discover why Thinking RED will have your business seeing GREEN!™