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Please be as specific as possible. For example, if you are an attorney, do not simply put attorney, but rather the specific type of law that you wish to market within RED. As another example, if you are an insurance agent, please select a particular type of insurance (e.g. health, life, etc.) that you wish to market.

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To join RED, you must be a member of the MBA. To become a member, please visit or email

Please note, a business only needs to join the MBA once and can have multiple representatives, based on membership type. However, each representative who wishes to join RED must submit a separate RED application and must apply for different RED groups or different categories within the same RED group. If you would like to have two people at each meeting representing the same company and the same category, select the appropriate option. Annual dues will be charged once per company, and monthly fees will be based on the number of RED members that are joining with you.

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