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VP of Development Update

VP of Development Update

By Nayte Carrick


Ok. You’re a member of the MBA. Now what?

The question that we get asked most often, and also the question that we ask ourselves constantly, is “what value are we providing for our members.”

Well first, you have to show up, and that is easier now than ever. We’ve grown from only 11 programs a year (the 11 mixers which averaged about 15-20 participants) to more than 130 programs, an awards gala, networking groups, and large corporate sponsors.

But really… how do you convert the momentum of the MBA into a meaningful impact on your business?

A recent study by Schapiro Group asked just this question for small businesses involved in a local chamber, and the answer is surprisingly simple.

To get the most impact out of your MBA Chamber membership, LET PEOPLE KNOW that you’re an active member.

The study showed that for small businesses, there is a 57% increase in your local reputation and a 63% increase in likelihood of patronage simply when your customers find out that you’re actively involved in a community organization like MBA.

Post it on your website, host a mixer, print this on your menu, pass out MBA Membership Directories, or talk about the things you’re doing with the MBA. Letting people know you care about the community and are actively making it better, will improve your likelihood of capitalizing on all the hard work that the board and all of our caring members are doing.

Being active in the chamber is really only the the first part. Don’t waste your exposure by not telling people about it.

Call or email today if you’d like help or ideas spreading the word about being involved.

Contents of the study can be found here.


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